Lady Fanny Button is the ghost of a former owner from the Edwardian era. She is the late Lady Heather Button's great-great grandma.


After she discovered her husband having sex with the groundsman and the butler, her husband George pushed her out the window, an event she subconsciously reenacts every time the clock chimes at three in the morning, the time of her death (prompting some of the other ghosts to set the clock back). Out of all of the ghosts, she is Alison's closest relative.[N 1]


A stickler for etiquette and maintaining a good reputation, as Alison quickly discovers, Fanny has a Hair-Trigger Temper, which prompts many complaints about modern life. She often tells Alison how to behave as a "lady".


  • You thieving git! (Getting Out)
  • I find myself having a conniption fit. (Redding Weddy)
  • Lace brassiere! (The Thomas Thorne Affair)
  • Oh just leaving the witness alive are we, not even a threat of violence? At least take some identification and say you'll be back if he contacts the authorities. (Bump In The Night)
  • What have I become? (Bump In The Night)
  • Well times change don't they, we should know. After all if George had been free to love as he chose well, I wouldn't have been murdered and I could have had a husband instead who wanted to know me. And when I say know I mean given me a really good- (Perfect Day)


  1. This is due to Fanny's Great granddaughter Heather being listed as Alison's Step Great Great-aunt.
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